Love – To Feel The Love πŸ’—

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Hey, ChuBBies!

Have you ever read the romance novel trope where the heroine shuns the hero’s romantic advances because she believes she’s ugly and therefore, doesn’t understand what he sees in her?

Are you one of those who insist on talking down on their body? Because you have curves, you automatically believe you aren’t beautiful?

Ladies, get this – if the Creator wanted only skinny people on earth, it would have been so.

However, there’s been talk that men are attracted to what they see. To some extent, that’s true. Nevertheless, it isn’t only the physical that attracts. You have this amazing body to fit your amazing being. You need to wrap your mind around the fact that you were created awesome and different. And those differences has a lover lurking somewhere. A lover that you might be, unwittingly, pushing away at this moment because of some misguided misconception.

Darlings, wear your differences. So you have curves, so you have belly rolls, so your arms are big, so your boobs standout, so your arse jiggles…so?

You need to remember that this is the only body you’ve got. You cannot exchange it with someone else’s. This body keeps you alive. This body houses that special mind of yours. Without this body, your talent is useless, because, how are you going to express it or them?

Appreciate your bodies, dear chubby women. Love your body. See it as the miracle that it is in your life. Be in awe of your difference. With this, you’re able to understand and appreciate what your lover sees and wants and loves in you.

Loving all of you allows you feel and accept the love from another. Loving yourself helps you see your worth and realize that you deserve the best.

It’s a journey though. Keep at it.

Love and light.

Cheers, Sweeties.😘

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Published by Emem Bassey

I write sexy romance featuring plus size heroines.

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