Welcome, Queens!

Image copied from Instagram – @meechferguson

This is a gathering of perfection!

For so long, boldly figured girls and women have been looked at with scorn, as though they’d been created by a lesser god, different from the Creator of all. For so long, those of us with curves have received judgements, one way or the other. Most times the curvy ladies have been overlooked for certain capabilities and skills just because they weren’t stick figures…

But it ends!

Being curvy doesn’t mean intellectually handicapped, it doesn’t mean ugly, nor does it mean an inability to live, love and be loved. Chubby people are first human and that comes with all capabilities and emotions that human beings are born with.

ChuBBy is body positive.

ChuBBy is fun.

ChuBBy is standing out and being sassy with your curves.

ChuBBy is living life, being adventurous and loving hard.

ChuBBy is sexy and fiery hot.

Join us!

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Bad Hair Days

Hey, ChuBBies!

How has your week been? Some difficulties? What’s the hope for the weekend? Any rest from said difficulties?

Whatever the answers to these questions are, you need to accept that life isn’t a bed of roses. There will be bad hair days.

It’s reality. It cannot be avoided. Despite the motivation to keep being positive, despite the longing to avoid facing our problems or challenges head on by covering it with positive vibes – there needs to be a confrontation.

We can’t hide forever. Whatever the problem is, confronting it, facing it, feeling the messy emotions that come with it, understanding these emotions and growing above them is the sure way of overcoming.

Is it a bully problem? You know you can’t be entirely free by simply ignoring. Even your spirit will be burdened. There will be a depression. Unburdening your spirit will happen when you stand up to said bully, when you do something about it.

Positive vibing is amazing. But some problems need a more hands-on approach to solving them.

May the universe grant us the wisdom to understand our situations and know the kind of solutions that fit.

Wishing us an amazing and restful weekend.

Love and light, ChuBBies.😘

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Q2 – Action!

Hey, ChuBBies!

It’s the second quarter of 2021! Phew! Gratitude is first for being alive and healthy. Also, deep thoughts and self searching in this season of Easter.

When that’s done, it’s back to the grind. We all know the grind needs comfortable bras for the ladies, right?😁

In that case, this shared post will help us ladies get the perfect size for our bras to enhance that luscious look and confidence in your daily grind.

No need to suffer discomfort in clothing while breaking boundaries and taking no prisoners. It’s time we look like a comfortable million dollars doing it.😎

May this new quarter bring us successes!

Love and light, ChuBBies! 🥂

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A Bit of Snark

Hi ChuBBies!

There’s only greatness for you. But you’ve got to want it. Hope you’re doing good in health, both mind and body.

So, any of you know how to snark? Recently, it’s been a reality that snarking is totally a necessary, daily skill.

It’s been called by many names – sarcasm, sardonicism, flip, clapbacks, comebacks etc. It’s basically one’s ability to respond to teasing/mocking in an intelligent but slightly insulting manner. That slight, that balance is what is important.

For eg: There’s a twenty year old, ChuBBy girl working at a cyber cafe, selling time tickets to customers who needed to use the computers. One male customer walks in, looks at her without acknowledging her greeting and says, “Why are you so fat?”

Of course, she’s not allowed to insult a customer. He even came with a friend. The girl reins in her shock and anger and smiles at him asking, “Why are you so brown?” Indeed, the man had brown skin and his clothes were brown all over. He stood there stunned, not having expected that.

The man’s friend laughed so hard he bent over. The man was shocked, especially when his friend told him his approach had been wack. Apparently, he owned a gym and was looking to invite members. His only approach was to insult the girl, make her feel bad about herself and guilt trip her to the gym. Of course, the girl refused even after he apologized.

Many times this happens to us. People force us into unhealthy decisions because they first made us feel bad. ChuBBies, a bit of snark can solve this. Notice how the girl didn’t really insult the customer, only reciprocated his question? Most of this people can’t say any other thing when you serve them with a comeback.

In that spirit, enjoy this bit of snark video.

Have a lovely weekend!

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Celebrating Mothering 🥰

Hi ChuBBies!

To this Sunday, to this date, to every woman and man, who’s sacrificed to mother their children – ChuBBy says – A resounding Happy Mother’s Day!

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Act like it.

Hi, ChuBBies.

It’s the International Women’s Day today and there’s a message for you.

Dear, dear woman,
Hope you know how phenomenal you are.
Hope you know you’re mother and Earth, the bowel that holds us all.
Hope you know you were designed for miracles, to share great succor to mankind!
Hope you know you’re the most powerful piece on the chessboard.
Act like it.
Happy International Women’s Day, lovelies.😘


Instagram photo – @thereal_gorgeousplush

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Stop Waiting, Start Doing

Hey ChuBBies!

We are in March. Thanking God for being alive. The very name of the month demands courage. And what are you courageous in?

Like the brand Nike says – Just Do It! Today’s caption is a plea to wait no more and start on that dream, that idea, that passion you can’t stop thinking about.

March into planning and executing and abandon waiting for the perfect time. There never is a perfect time for bringing ideas to reality. There’s only bringing it and mostly learning on the go.

This March, ChuBBies, please stop waiting. That thing you’ve been planning forever, please do it.

The image used on this post is from Instagram @plusdori. The caption for it was “Don’t be a queen waiting on a king, be a queen busy with her kingdom until her king arrives.”

Happy new month, lovelies.

May strength, courage and love lead.

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Are you Fulfilled?

Hey, ChuBBies!

A beautiful weekend to you. Hope your month is progressing as planned or even better.

Are you fulfilled? In your daily living, in your interactions with others, in your relationship, in your job, is there a satisfaction that you have successfully reached your intended aim?

You see, fulfillment is that assurance, that deep sigh that what you set out to do was done well. And to get fulfilment, we have to discover what we claim as valuable, something we wholeheartedly pursue with considerable might.

For example, a career, a hobby, a better relationship with family, losing weight or maintaining it, even stuff as simple as finishing a book. Having this valuable things and going after them breathes fulfilment.

To be fulfilled is to record tiny victories in our daily lives. Which, invariably, culminates into many moments of happiness.

Make sure you’re being fulfilled.


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Salute! ❤️


Hey, ChuBBies!

Here to say Happy Valentine’s Day.

As you show love to others, make sure you have smothered yourself in it first.

Alright. Have a good one.

Love and light.

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Love You!

Hi, ChuBBies!

Welcome to the month of love a few days later. Preparing for the huge event February is known for?

Anxiety taking over wondering if you’re one of those who’ll be jilted? Too many heart breaking stories have occurred in the month which we expect to be most cherished by our partners.

Coming across this Instagram post brought on a new thought. How about we become our Valentine?

Would it be so crazy if we did what gave us joy on the 14th? Would it be strange to buy ourselves gifts and take ourselves out for an evening of fun. Or stay in and pamper yourself if that’s your thing?

The answer is no. It wouldn’t be strange.

What the ChuBBy queen is saying below is, fuck all the traditions and societal structures and opinions. You have first responsibility to yourself.

Scrape the anxiety away. Whether you have a date for Val or not, worry not. First off, it’s just another day. Second, with you already loving you, what’s the point of looking up to somebody else for that job, eh?

ChuBBies – Love You!


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Break The Box

Hey, ChuBBies!

It’s been a minute. Hope you’re breaking boundaries and being great.

Sometimes, we tend to relax in the box society has moulded around us. Sometimes, we are plain tired of trying. Sometimes, it’s just effing difficult!

However, that’s life and living. Difficulties grant us the opportunity to be creative. It delivers a blank canvas and says, “Here you go, show me what you’ve got.”

It’s a challenge, darling. We don’t cower at this challenge. We strategize and ace it!

Then we smile, find a soft cushion and rejuvenate. Here’s a book recommendation for such a time. Search out Jessica Hawkins’ Slip Of The Tongue on Amazon or wherever you get your books.

You can also follow the author on Instagram – @jessica_hawkins

Warning: It’s a cheat trope romance with too much angst. There’s a husband and a sexy neighbor the heroine must choose from. If you love this kind of book, well, there you go.

Enjoy, ChuBBies!

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