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For so long, boldly figured girls and women have been looked at with scorn, as though they’d been created by a lesser god, different from the Creator of all. For so long, those of us with curves have received judgements, one way or the other. Most times the curvy ladies have been overlooked for certain capabilities and skills just because they weren’t stick figures…

But it ends!

Being curvy doesn’t mean intellectually handicapped, it doesn’t mean ugly, nor does it mean an inability to live, love and be loved. Chubby people are first human and that comes with all capabilities and emotions that human beings are born with.

ChuBBy is body positive.

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SHE RUINED ME 5 (Secret Place)

Nami didn’t hesitate as she dropped from the last step. Her stride was sure and confident as she walked along the wall of the gloomy corridor towards a door at the other end.

This was no basement, this was an underground structure as large as the house above. Was she into anything criminal? I should inform my friends where I am in case I go missing but I don’t reach for my phone.

My heartbeat is racing at this point and perspiration dots my temple and armpits.

She knocks on the door and I take my spot behind her again. There was no password needed here and when the heavy door swung open, I was hit by the deafening loudness of the music. I vaguely wondered how people conversed in here and why was it so dark? I’m fucked. Can I turn back now or keep following her with blind trust?

Nami greets the guy at the door and walks in confidently, her gaze flicking over the several small, round stages strategically placed in the large dark area. One would never know when it was day or night down here. The stages were fitted with cages, the kind you find at some extreme nightclubs with naked girls dancing in them.

As my eyes adjust to the general gloom, I’m able to see tables and chairs arranged around the dimly lit cages – okay, she brought me to a strip club? It appears, it’s one exclusive enough to be underground and required password entry. I bet one had to be registered to even get a password.

This isn’t new to me. Having travelled internationally, I’m aware of the existence of these kinds of places. I just didn’t think we’d have it in my state. It was sure to be a moneymaker as it would attract the wealthy.

Having made the situation understandable in my mind, I breathed easier as I followed her curvy form until my eyes came in contact with an occupied cage. At first, I blink at what I’m seeing. I don’t know when I’ve stopped moving, but I’m aware my eyes widened and my mouth dropped.

“Hey!” Nami lightly slaps my cheek. I didn’t even notice she’d returned for me.

My awestruck eyes turn to her and she shakes her head, clearly exasperated, yet, she grabs my wrist and pulls me into another corridor; this one is lighted. My second shock is passing a room with a glass panel. There’s a naked couple on the bed, looking replete – they’d just finished having sex! I mean, the man still had a condom on, and no matter how I shake my head, I cannot unsee that.

“What the fuck?” this sentiment explodes from my mouth without thought. Nami doesn’t turn or let go, she just keeps pulling, until we come to a door which she uses a key card to enter.

She slaps on the lights before closing the door. I stand just inside the door, taking in the standard hotel looking room with a bed, flat-screen on the wall, and two high-back chairs. Nami drops her purse at the foot of the well-made bed, picks up one of the remotes, and turns on the AC.

My left hand is on my hip while the right holds the bridge of my nose when she turns to me and sighs.

“What is going on, Nami?” I dropped the hand on my nose down to my hips, so, I’m akimbo now.

She clears her throat mildly, her eyes shifty for a second before she finally lays those hazel globes on me, “I guess this is where you walk away.”

There’s a catch in her tone, almost unnoticeable but I did notice, and what the fuck was she talking about me walking away. I frown, “Uh?”

“It is obvious that you’re disgusted at what you saw, which would mean disgusted at me who brought you here, so, this is…”

“Wait a goddamn minute!” panic engulfs my chest, I don’t even know why.

“Don’t shout at me,” she muttered, her eyes flashing.

“I’m sorry,” I immediately apologize in a mellow tone, my hands stretched to placate. “I’m sorry,” I repeat, looking up. I’m expecting to find her angry expression but she has a confused frown.

“I don’t know why you’re in such a hurry to push me away. My reaction is natural, I’m shocked and need explanations, not disgusted and ready to flee as you’ve decided,” I huff, swallowing hard.

Silence adds to the already heavy tension in the room, the only sound came from the distant thumps of music and the hum of the AC. We stand there staring at each other, me with an open expression, she with narrowed eyes searching my face.

“So…you don’t want to run out of here like your pant is on fire?” she wasn’t even smiling when she asked this, she was serious. It left me wondering who had run out on her.

I lick my lips, “I want to see what you have under that overcoat,” I reply sincerely, “And a couple of naked people fucking will not stop me. It’s not like they’re slaves or something,” I muttered under my breath but she must have heard because she burst into laughter, giggling adorably.

Her infectious laugh calmed my anxiety, pulling my lips into a grin, my eyes followed her movements as she covered her face and inhaled deeply to control her mirth.

“Indeed, they are not slaves. These are consenting adults who dabble in a bit of fetish, once in a while. And the couple on the stage were not fucking, they were performing,” her eyes held mine, it seemed, waiting to catch me show disgust.

I took a deep breath, walked fully into the room, and picked the seat facing the door. It was a relief to sit. Her eyes followed all my movements too and it shot gladness from my heart into my belly; I loved her eyes on me.

“So, like BDSM?” I’m aware of the existence of this too, but I never really thought about it. My motto is ‘live and let live’; I do not have the time to judge people for their lifestyle.

Her eyes went to the decked ceiling in contemplation, “Hmm, not entirely; this is a mild version.”

“O…kay,” I still didn’t get it.

“Right,” Nami smiled knowing I didn’t get it and sat down seeming eager to explain. “So, BDSM has Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism and Masochism.”

“I’ve come across it in a novel I read, so, I know the meaning but was never interested to go deeper when I came across videos that showed too much violence. I didn’t get how someone would enjoy that.”

“Well, in between porn sites, some books and movies, there’s been so much misconception about the practice. In fact, it is not as random and violent as depicted and it doesn’t always end in sex.”

I frowned, “It doesn’t?”

“You seem disappointed,” she teased and I cover my face with my hands while she chuckled and the sound went directly to my cock.

I sighed, shifted uncomfortably on the chair, and looked up, allowing her to see my interest, “Tell me more.”

Her flighty frown points to bits of disbelieve in her mind even though she crossed her leg at the ankle and leaned back, “Let’s stick to what happens here. This place is exclusive, there’s a membership and one can’t just come in except with a long term member,” she widens her eyes and I know she’s referring to me and my being there. I nodded to show acknowledgment, understanding the whole talk at the door about ‘playing’ and ‘trials’.

“When I say only mild stuff happens, it means there are stage performances, who are like dancers, except they enact sexual acts to entertain the audience, sex is not involved…at least, not on stage.”

My eyes widen at that, and she chuckles, “The dance gets their emotions heightened and they might decide to…quench the fire, so to speak,” she shrugged. “The keyword is to decide and consensual.”

“I see,” I grinned.

She huffed and continued, “Contrary to porn where mostly women suddenly get manhandled, there’s no sudden to it. A whole lot of conversation happens between the players before, during, and after enacting a scene. The whole idea is being able to play out your fantasy in a safe, non-judgemental space. Partners talk through what they fantasize about, what they want to do, and not do, which is why there’s the concept of safe-words.”

“There’s also an in-house professional who takes members on a course on how to use sex toys, which they choose to use here or take home. Since joining, I’ve only experienced a very few enact their fetishes openly, most come for the stage dances, room viewings and using available rooms in case they’re too far gone to get home.”

“People come here with their husbands, wives, girlfriends, or boyfriends to be entertained, to spice up their relationships using sex toys or explore if they are exhibitionists or not.”

“Like the people in the…” I pointed to the corridor we walked through to the room, referring to the replete couple and she nodded.

“Yes, like them. And then some aren’t that courageous as to exhibit live, they turn on the cameras in their rooms, wear masks and go at it knowing that people are watching in their rooms.”

I sit up, “We have a camera here?”

She grinned, “Relax, I specifically requested mine be removed, I enjoy watching.”

I sighed and tried to breathe through the excitement bubbling in the pit of my stomach. I’ve never found myself in this kind of situation or met this kind of woman, but now that I’m here, and with Nami, it appears my body is tingling with anticipation. There’s a heat that could become an inferno as I imagined watching her watch other people have sex. Fuck, the thought alone is increasing my hardness and my heartbeat is on a marathon.

I clear my throat, “So, like a voyeur?”  

Nami’s eyes dropped to my lap, where I’m sure my arousal is obvious, she smiles, “You like the thought.”

I swallowed hard and acknowledged my kinky side, one I didn’t even know I had. Vulnerable as that made me feel, I still jumped in, “I love the idea of watching you watch others; your pleasure would only stoke mine.”

Her head slowly bent to the side while she stared at me with a frown, “Huh,” was all she uttered, before she stood, loosened the belt on her overcoat, and shrugged off the sleeves, allowing it drop to the chair, revealing perfection.

She has on a mini, black, shiny leather gown, zipped in front. It is almost a second skin on her, moulding her thick figure, her distended belly pouch included and stopped inches above her knee. The gown is almost sleeveless, meaning, it has short sleeves that barely cover her round shoulders and the bodies has a neck cut low to expose a sumptuous amount of cleavage that made my mouth water; she’s the dream I never knew I wanted to have.

How the hell do ones’ knees weaken even while sitting? But they do, I feel my stomach drop to the floor and next, I know, I’m sliding from the seat to kneel before her, exactly as I’d vaguely envisioned at her house, only this time, there’s absolute satisfaction in the simple act.

Nami gasped and I witnessed the rapid rise and fall of her moulded breasts as she stared down at me. I shuffled forward and grabbed her thick thighs. A moan rumbled in my throat as I savoured her soft skin and the smoothness as I caressed upward, my nose rubbing on the large zipper of her dress until my mouth was in place to bite the hem of that dress and drag it upward.

The tight leather bends upward at the tug of my teeth and doesn’t go further, I’d need my hands to get to her secret place but what’s exposed here is enough. I widen her stance and pushed my face in between her thighs, turning my head upward and inhaling her scent.

I feel her shiver, staggering a bit, but I held on. I lowered my head and turned right to bite her inner thigh, her gasp is vocal at this, a loud hitch of her breath and a hand on my shoulder to steady herself.

Withdrawing my head from between her thighs, I look up with all I’m feeling right now, “Tell me what you want, sweet Nami, and I’ll gladly do it.”

She’s turned on, but her lashes flutter with indecision while she licked her lips and tried to catch her breath. “Stand,” she says in a voice lanced with authority.

I hurry to my feet, eager to do anything while loving the wild look in her eyes. Despite towering over her, my heart is laid bare at her feet at this moment. Does she know that? Does she know she owns all of me? How did I live without the brightness of Nami in my life?

Her eyes are widened, searching my face while the breath through her slightly opened mouth brushes my chin. Uncertainty taints her arousal, I can see it in her eyes; it isn’t allowing her to accept what I’m offering.

“Umm,” she stops herself from saying what was obviously at the tip of her tongue. She instead leans down and grabs the TV remote, switched it on, surfed for a while until the sounds of people in the throes of sex fill the room.

I have not taken my gaze away from her face. I can see the reflection of a couple on a bed in her turned eyes. I watch the play of emotions as she kept blinking and giving me side glances.

Nami tightened her lips in what I might discern as determination just before she said, “Oh, he has a big dick,” she gushed and moaned.

I didn’t believe my heart could beat any faster or harder. Was she kidding, right now? She could watch, but I never wanted her gushing at another man’s dick, ever. I followed my instincts, grabbed her hand, and placed it on my entirely distended cock. I held her palm over the hardness and rubbed down the length which went on and on to almost mid-thigh.

Her eyes flew from the screen to mine and then down where I held her hand. “I’ll provide you with everything you need and more, Nami,” I whispered in her ear, talking about more than sex while inhaling her incredibly maddening scent as I heard her gasp and lean close.

We forget the people on the screen as her fingers caressed and massaged my hardened length. I jerked and moved close, my lips designing her neck with wet kisses. We were smashed together, my hands climbing slow and steady up her dress, our bodies writhing in pure lust, our gasps and moans the only sound we could hear when the door burst open without warning.

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The Little Things.

Hi ChuBBies!

How often do you take a step back?

Do you breathe and take stock of the little things?

Despite the many problems of living, do you enjoy the little moments?

Like laughing when someone has cracked an unfunny joke because they noticed your sad face. Like dancing to a song you’ve never heard before just so your kid(s) or whoever could giggle, especially when you can’t dance.

What are your hobbies? What gives you joy? Are you doing them or you’re worrying about perceptions from others?

Life is too short to deny yourself the little things that bring happiness. Drop the seriousness sometimes and…

  • Pick up that hobby today.
  • Hug a person seeming down without necessarily knowing their problem.
  • Make new friends. Hangout for drinks.
  • Celebrate that one pound of weight you’ve succeeded in losing.
  • Enjoy your little victories; they culminate to make big ones.
  • Pursue your dreams; even if you have to start really small (the little things eh).
  • Learn a new skill if it’s convenient, but don’t stress about it.
  • Appreciate family time. Be invested.
  • Have a confidant. Talk to someone. Smell the flowers.
  • Join a fellowship with values you uphold.
  • Music and singing aloud is awesome too.
  • Love God. Live on the path of doing what’s good…or the next best thing to/for a fellow human.

There are lots more little things. Figure what yours is and appreciate them.

Love and light, ChuBBies.😘

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Author Interview: Emem Bassey (The Chubby Author)

Hi, ChuBBies!
A lovely Monday morning to you.
Enjoy this interview and remember to pursue your dreams always.
Love and light.


Our author for the month of June, 2020 is the amazing Emem Bassey!

I recently read two of Emem’s books ‘Fine Wine’ and ‘A Tycoon and Circumstance’ and It was a breath of fresh air. Read my reviews of her books HERE  and HERE.

Emem Bassey writes juicy romance novels but with a twist. All her heroines are chubby and her heroes are alpha males sprinkled with some suspense and/or crime.

emem bassey 1

About The Author:

In an Emem Bassey novel, you’ll find – romance, a chubby, naughty heroine, a captivating alpha male, hot love scenes, crime, adventure and a taste of Nigeria. She’s into exhilarating action on the pages, loves guns and is a ghost to neighbors at her home Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Most of her books can be found at www.okadabooks.com

The Interview

emem bassey 3

Emem was graceful enough to grant this online interview where she has answered 10…

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SHE RUINED ME 4 (Drinks)

“So, are you going to change?” her eyes flicked over my clothes.

And leave her for minutes on end with the possibility that she might change her mind? Not happening.

My head shook vehemently, “No,” I said, looking down my clothes, “Where are we going?” I managed to ask through my tight throat as she kept shifting closer to me in the middle of the mall, people passing by us.

I was reminded of a cat seeking warmth and a body rub. Her pert nose brushed my left nipple, it hardened instantly and I was ready to have her there. Just, shove her to the glass of the boutique we stood in front, pull down her jean and plug her with my hardened length.

I heard her purr, her arms going around me, her shopping bag hitting my ass. This meant she was flush on me, could feel my arousal and her hair was directly under my nose, filling my airways with her delicious vanilla scent.

“My secret place,” she murmured.

Ladies and gentlemen, I shut my eyes, tightened my fist, and tried not to come in my pants. I don’t know if she means an actual landed location but my mind is locked on the one I’d find if I hold open her succulent arse cheeks and slide a finger downward. Yup, my mind is officially swimming in the gutter.


It was drama leaving the mall and getting to our cars.

She leaned back and allowed her gaze drop to my crotch…my expanding crotch. I was so embarrassed but she chuckled at my groan of shame as though she experienced this kind of thing every day. The thought had immediately shut anger through me, redirecting some of the blood from my dick, at least, but she better not be looking at any other person’s arousal.

I didn’t get to act like a jealous boar because she decided that I should hold her shopping bag to hide the huge bulge in my trouser. I did, and she held my right hand as we walked like lovers out of there while she chatted to me like we were old friends.

Truth be told, I couldn’t get over her tender fingers clasped in mine to hear what she was talking about. But I found my voice when we got to her car.

“This is your car?” I asked in awe, my eyes wide as I took in the big, Honda Ridgeline truck.

“Yep, you like?” I turned in time to catch the uncertainty in her eyes even though she quickly looked away; instantly, I wanted to know who or what had put it there.

“Are you even asking? I fucking love it, especially, that a woman is driving it. You driving a red 2006 Honda Ridgeline is so hot and sexy and oh fuck, I’m hard again,” I groan and drop my head on the roof of the truck, but hiss and step back because it’s so hot – this time literally, from being parked under the sun.

All this dissolves Nami into adorable laughter. I love that I’m making her laugh; I could watch her laugh for the rest of my life. There’s a warning bell in my head to slow down though. What if she doesn’t want to see me again after the drinks? God, that would be terrible. My chest constricts in fear.

“Um, so, dinner, tomorrow?” I blurted out and get a bewildered expression from her.

“You’re weird for a guy, but, I seem to like you,” she said and nodded, “Okay, I’ll go with the flow, dinner tomorrow.”

Yes, she likes me! I’m glad I asked, no matter how crazy it’d come out. “Thank you,” I gushed, dropping her shopping bag in the backseat while she climbed, quite nimbly, into the truck. She was physically active despite her size.

“Utomobong, I like that you’re lost staring at my bum, you flatter me, but you need to get in your car right now if you want to follow me – I don’t drive like a girl.”

And she didn’t.

I enjoyed watching her handle that truck, it meant she’d be able to handle my hugeness, (yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking).

We get to her house and it’s a different place entirely in daylight. It was wider with no gyrating bodies and indeed only two couches against the wall where Jasper had entertained last night (that’s sarcasm in case you’re wondering). The whole place was clean and smelled fresh.

She asked me to wait, brought me a glass of chilled juice, and smiled sweetly at me before saying that it was okay if I stared at her arse.

Oh, I did. I might have been embarrassed at her reading my intentions but it didn’t stop me; she had the best back view ever. I had to hold myself from imagining further. Having a hard-on at the mall might have been a cute first time, but walking around with a steady bulge would be considered perverse.

She took over an hour dressing up. When she came down, I was eager to see what she wore, but she had on a huge, grey overcoat, I was left guessing. But her boot, the shiny, black leather, got me imagining things I shouldn’t; her makeup too. I never thought I’d like gothic makeup – dark eyes, long lashes, and dark red lips, but she was perfect. She’d transformed her face from the fresh, almost innocent beauty into a dominatrix; I swear, I had the pressing urge to fall on my knees and beg to be her slave.

“You’ll see,” she eyed me coyly as she answered my ‘where are we going’ question. It seemed she was also answering my silent curiosity as to what she had under that overcoat.

We took her car and I was okay with her driving, it was a new experience. Even though I generally do not trust other drivers, that is, I’m that guy that can’t be driven because others aren’t as careful as me, I felt strangely relaxed while she took the wheel.

The place was out of town, at another local government. I vaguely wondered what place it was but didn’t care, I’d go anywhere with her at this point. She’s a good conversationalist and told me about her modelling career, one she’d done for five years at the US and had come back home to do the same thing, except, this time, the pieces would be hers.

 I still had more questions but hey, we were going for drinks, so I decided to keep some for when we were sitting across each other.

With the afternoon traffic, it took over an hour, almost two, to get there at 5:43 pm. If it were my friends taking me for this long ride just for drinks, I’d have been complaining the whole drive. I’m not a social person, I prefer my movies, games, and software, which is probably why I’ve not heard of an exclusive bar opened out of town; I mean, I barely know most of the bars in the capital city.

The gate we branch into from the highway is old and a bit rusted; the house too. Don’t get me wrong, it was majestic but it was very obviously old, unkempt, and curiously didn’t look like anything was happening here.

“You’re stopping by to visit?” I mean, if it was a bar, there should be music, right? For the first time since meeting her today, I begin to feel the anxiety of the fear kind as she gives me her coy smile, blinking her long lashes at me.

“Be patient, Utom.”

Probably what the cat said to the canary before eating it. But her voice had gone husky, doing crazy things to my nerves. It felt like I was a car and she’d just pressed down on the accelerator, revving me; my dick jerked, swelling in my pants as though she’d physically touched it. What the fuck?

And like she knew what she’d done, she glanced at the bulge with a knowing smile. “Come, let’s go inside,” she turned and opened the door.

I take a second to take a deep breath to calm my arousal but her perfume isn’t helping my condition one bit; it isn’t the vanilla I’d earlier perceived on her, it was something dark and erotic. Fuck! I opened my side of the door and immediately inhale the warm air of the evening while using the coverage of the opened door to readjust my crotch and arrange the tail of my t-shirt over the bulgy fly.

“What is this place?” I focused on her beautiful face and my heart raced at how sultry her gaze was on me. TT, the redshirt guy, had said she didn’t like men and hadn’t been seen with any, but, her reaction to me was instant and I should have been suspicious instead of ecstatic. What if she’d lured me here to kill me or use me for ritual, which would still entail dying?

Melodramatic, I know, but think about it.

Nami bent her head to the side, the movement shook her dangling earrings, tiny gold crosses hooked at the end of a long chain, hanging by her jaws and making her face seem narrow; her eyes held disbelieve, “Didn’t you grow up in this state?”

Err, what now? “I…did,” my frown was my confusion.

Her perfectly lined brows went up, “And you know we are in Etinan local government area?”

I huff, “How do you even know this place, I thought you’d just returned from US?” I’m uncomfortable with the questions but I also realise that her accent only has a twinge of that foreign flavour to it, unlike some ladies who would want to play-up the foreign accent.

She licked her lip while curbing a smile, hitching my breath as I stared. “Well, I came for holidays and I like exploring.”

I get the feeling that she didn’t explain herself much to people, because that came out a bit hesitantly and huffed. I nodded, “Okay?” she stared at me and I blow out-breath, “Fine, I know this is Etinan but I don’t know here,” I pointed to the ground.

“Well,” she started walking, not to the front door but veered to the side of the house that would lead to the back. The grounds had been cemented but weed grew in parts that the cement had cracked and algae designed the lower part of the high fence.

“This house belonged to the first civilian governor of Akwa Ibom State.”

I frowned as I followed her, “Obong Akpan Isemin?”

“That’s him.”

I don’t understand what is going on here; why, the fuck, are we in the former governor’s house? “Didn’t he die in 2009?”

“Yep,” she said and turned left, of course, I followed.

And like houses built in the 90s, the backyard is huge enough to contain another building. She hangs her small purse in the crook of her elbow and fists both her hands to knock a rhythm on the heavy looking iron door.

I stood tall behind her, loving that she was tall enough for her head to reach my clavicle. We fit; I have this overwhelming conviction that we were meant to be together. But that might not happen if this turned out to be detrimental to me. I took another deep breath the same moment a latch I’d not noticed in the iron door, opened, with only the person’s mouth showing.

“Password?” the gruff voice demanded.

“Double ruin,” she blurted and stood back as we both heard the clangs of a thousand bolts being withdrawn, one at a time.

That and the required password begged the question – what is this place? It used to be the former governor’s house, yes, but this was something else – a secret place as she’d informed me. Who took a stranger to her secret place if not to harm, knowing he wouldn’t leave the place alive.

Stop it, Utomobong! Stop spooking yourself.

Finally, the door flung open and the short man with the gruff voice grinned at Nami and rushed out to hug her. His head reached to beneath her big boobs and I flinched because I didn’t want any part of him touching her, she’s mine.

I shove my hands in the pockets of my jeans and swallowed hard. I needed to take a side. This was all so confusing and my emotions were running hot and cold. One minute I’m suspecting she’s going to kill me while the overwhelming sensual tension between us slams a symphony waving violently in my blood. I don’t know if she feels the same way but, I’m breathless in her presence.

“I never believed it when Tukor said you’d called for your room. I thought it was one of his pranks,” the short man stepped back, making me breathe easier, and grinned. It appeared they were close friends; cohorts, perhaps?

Her laughter rang out free and bright, sending showers of bubbles spreading in my stomach; now her happiness gave me happiness, I huffed, swallowing and looking away from her, but returning because I couldn’t get enough; I’m doomed.

“Y’all are still pranking each other, I see.”

“When did you come into the country?” he held her hand and I barely curbed a growl as I stared at his freakishly large hands, despite being a short person, engulfing her lovely hands. His was course, like he walked on a farm or something, while hers was tender.

Nami bent her head to the side, “A little over a month?” and shrugged.

The man’s eyes widened, “And you never visited?”

“Err…I had things to deal with, I still am, but…”

“You want to talk?”

What things, I wondered and cleared my throat intrusively without thinking it through. I didn’t want her sharing her worries with some guy in a ghost house; I wanted her to share them with me. Yes, we’d just met, but that’s how I felt.

My cough brought both their gazes to me, the man seemed shocked to see me there. “What do you want?” he frowned as though I’d interrupted him – which I had, but I didn’t appreciate such a short person making me feel small.

I opened my mouth to probably say something snarky but she beat me to it, “Hey, Dandy, don’t be rude to my friend,” she snatched her hand from his and hit his shoulder, albeit, playfully.

One eyebrow raised, “Friend?” it was disbelieving as fuck. Did that mean she didn’t have friends?

“Yes,” Nami sighed; I was getting that need to hold back from her again.

“He plays,” Dandy folded his arms over his chest as though he’d bar me from entering if I didn’t play.

“Trials,” she cleared her throat, seeming uncomfortable about the conversation.

Play what exactly, football, musical instruments, games? If it was computer games, then I’d fit in well.

“Huh,” was all Dandy said, flicking his gaze to me and trailing it up and down, “I can certainly see the draw. But Tukor’s not going to like it,” he warned as he turned and widened the door. Finally, I was beginning to get bored out here despite my nervousness as to what unknown thing was inside.

“I don’t give a shit about Tukor,” she snapped, grabbed my wrist, and pulled me inside.

Again – what’s this place? It looked like a normal home. I spied a typical sitting room of a 90s wealthy man, it was opulent. Nami pulls me into corridors and I spy people playing cards and drinking – a game house? I relaxed a bit until she led me to a staircase.

Wait, what? The house wasn’t even a storey building, I think until I realised the steps weren’t going up but down; a basement, like an underground gambling ring?  Fuck, what did I get myself into? I’ve been legal all my life and have never had the draw to attempt anything illegal no matter how glamorous it was presented.

Even though I was here for trials, Nami was about to be embarrassed because I wasn’t willing to try. I took a deep breath and followed her down the poorly lit stairs. The door at the top swings shut by itself, startling me and that’s when I hear the vibrating thumps of the music.

Image from Instagram – @na0_

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Will he get one last chance to show her he loves her? TIGER’S LAST CHANCE #PNR @Chris4lamb

Hey ChuBBies,
May your Friday be filled with love.😘😘😘
This a romantic book recommendation.

Sexy Romance Novels

Did someone say sexy tiger shifter? Hell Yeah!

While working a case, Sean Whitman is tortured for information, drugged, and bitten against his will by a shape shifter. The fallout leaves him jobless, friendless, and dumped by his girlfriend. Needing a fresh start, he leaves town and opens a private investigation business. Learning to live life sober isn’t easy, but he makes it to the two year mark.

When Detective Nikki Jackson with the Great Oaks, Virginia Police Department calls him, accusing him of breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s house, Sean can’t help but like the sound of her voice, despite her ridiculous accusations. He’s shocked when she calls him back with an apology then asks for his help as a consultant on a case. On the phone, her sweet, slightly Southern voice captivates him. In person, she’s unlike any other woman he’s encountered, and nearly impossible to resist. But could…

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SHE RUINED ME 3 (Coffee and Meet)

image from Instagram: @na0_

I think I like my friend!

Chris was the world’s greatest bullshitter this side of the Niger. I don’t want to talk about how my heart thumped as Jasper went on the internet to confirm the declaration, then his eyes shone with another kind of glee that bothered me. But, too late, I couldn’t leave now.

I was here already. So close yet so far away. I could almost taste the joy of meeting her but then I grimaced, the drink Jasper forced on us didn’t taste like any whiskey I’ve taken before. And it seemed to be turning my eyes quicker than possible.

“How are you feeling, superstar?” it was Jasper’s voice but I was hearing it as an echo while his image blurred. I can hear the smirk in his tone.

“What did you give us?” is what I asked but I was hearing – wathe dreish puzz gus. Jasper laughed with his friends and it sounded to me like nails scratched on board, it made me cringe. The sounds at the party were so loud I flinched, shaking my head to try and clear my blurred sight while my stomach swirled violently.

Dear God, did…did Billy and Chris drink this too? Fuck, it’s like Chris left us when the drinks came out but I cannot remember.

Uzzom,” Billy was fucked up too if he sounded like that. He slapped my arm and I couldn’t feel anything, I was numb all over and the laughter continued and the music continued, the dancers were just blurs of movement. We need to get out of here.

“Where are you going, Vogue superstar? Please stay and have a drink with us,” Jasper sneered and laughed while he held on to my arm; it was the only thing keeping me from staggering back. But hey, Jasper is an arsehole, so I flung his arm off and a punch landed on my face.

I felt like I was flying through the air, floating for ages before crash-landing, with no pain at all, wow, this is fun! I struggled to get to my feet but it felt like I’m moving in sinking mud. I don’t understand, I felt light in the air, now I’m so heavy I can’t move and my limbs feel like overcooked noodles.

“Jasper! What the fuck did you do?”

“Shut your mouth, Nams, this isn’t your business.”

“It is my business, this is my house!”

Since I can’t stand up, I try to look, and it is like someone put superglue on my eyelids. I finally do open it, but they are heavy as fuck and sight still blurry. But I recognised the lemon pants and my heart soared.

“Sweetheart, Nameti, I’ve been looking for you.” At least, that’s what I thought to say. I struggled and succeeded in lifting my arm towards her, thinking, if she could just touch me, my night would be made.

“Shut up arsehole, nobody’s talking to you.”

“Get out of my house, Jasper.”

“You aren’t all that, Nams, so stop acting like…” I hear exclamations and I want to know what happened even though anger beats a steady drum in my chest, albeit slow, but still anger. I’m going to punch Jasper when I get up.

“Hey, man, are you alright?” Oh, thank God, Chris is here, Chris is alright. “I don’t know what you’re saying, man, but I’m going to get you and Billy out of here. I told you she was bad news and that motherfucker spiked your drink when I left to dance with that…never mind. We should never have come.”

Chris talks all the way, I don’t know how we get to the car but I’m glad to perceive the air freshener specially made in Persia when I travelled there last December. I sigh and feel my body begin to slip as though I’m falling, then everything just ceased to be.


  Again, I hate my friends, especially, Chris.

He must have connected my phone to the central music pod which had speakers embedded in the ceilings all through my house and turned it to the highest volume, so that when my phone rang it threatened to blow my eardrums but it was effective in waking me from whatever I’d ingested last night.

When my ringtone goes off, it’s so loud I’m blasted from the couch Chris must have laid me last night. It wasn’t the safest place in the house but it must be the location his energy took us to; the gaming couch.

He must have been trying to take me to my room, because, he bypassed my colosseum styled sitting room, went up the wide stairs that led to the gaming loft, which was simply a space above the sitting room holding a wide couch in front of the large, hanging, flat-screen TV facing not just the couch but the dining area behind the couch. It was a comfortable couch.

This is the only thing I allow myself to think, the alternative would be that Chris is the devil’s spawn because in jerking awake from the sudden loudness, the force throws me from the couch and I roll down the steps into the sitting room. As I lay there groaning in pain while I cringed from the loudness of my ringing phone – yes, Chris is evil, he did this on purpose.

“Fuck!” I twist my big body on the marble floor to scan my sitting room, sighing in relief; he was kind enough to leave my phone where I could easily find it on the glass coffee table. It wouldn’t have been unlike him to hide it.

As I crawl towards the table, I keep wondering why I thought to build such a big house was necessary. Shit, I finally get to the table when the phone started ringing again. I’m shocked to find my father’s name flashing on the screen; I’d not have put it above Chris to take it upon himself to call me incessantly this morning.

“Hello, dad,” I say after I’d clicked off the Bluetooth connection to the speakers.

“Hey, handsome son!”

I flinched from my father’s loud cheeriness and pulled the phone from my ear while hating that the Vogue list was still a thing this morning.

“Dad, reduce your voice,” I groaned and he cackled even louder; Jesus, why am I surrounded with insensitive people.

“It’s obvious you had a wild night, but you can’t escape our coffee date now.”

I groan when I recalled fixing that with him. It usually wouldn’t be a problem but, last night did not go as planned at all. “Dad, I…”

“I’m in front of the mall already. You have thirty minutes, son,” he chuckled and ended the call.

Wasn’t it too early for coffee, I griped but when I checked the time, my eyes widened. It was 11:37 a.m. already. I struggled to my feet, my limbs, head, eyelids, still felt heavy and I suffered a general feeling of grogginess. I wish I knew what they’d spiked in that drink, so I could know how to go about relieving myself of its effect.

My coffee machine had the dark liquid at the ready, I drank two cups – black, feeling my head clear a bit from the shot of caffeine. I went into my gym having pulled off my clothes and did twenty body lifts on the bar for warm-ups. Then I dropped down in my boxer shorts to do press-ups, jumping jacks, and sit-ups.

The cold shower turned to full blast on my head added to the process of revival. I dressed up not feeling like I was going to topple over. By the time I left the house, I’d consumed five bottles of water.

I dressed for comfort in dark, ripped jeans, a soft, dark grey, V-neck t-shirt that draped over my muscles, the long sleeves pulled a bit from my wrists to expose a sport military wristwatch on the left and dark Shamballa bracelets on the right, my shoes were all black converse.

Dark shades are not my thing but I have a collection of designer ones just in case, as today, the sun was so bright I growled at it when I first stepped out of my house. I returned for the Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses with a light blue tint and sighed as I walked to my car.

My house is automated; I mean, it’s expected since I build software. I click the remote to open my gate and waved at the security man I’ve had since I built the house. I can easily live here alone but I prefer having someone in the house, especially, when I travel.

I get to the mall at the nick of the time set for me and found my dad at our usual table in the cafe. We were the second pair of people in the air-conditioned glass enclosure in the middle of the mall. My older doppelganger, though I was bigger, my dad, shifted his gaze from the folded newspaper in his hand – his one defiance against technology, and flicked at my appearance over his reading glasses.

His mouth dropped as I drew close, “Utomobong, you have to stop working out if your clothes are ripping at the seams.”

In my quest for comfort, I’d forgotten my dad was mostly old fashioned in clothing. I pull off my sunglasses and hang it on the neck of my t-shirt, “Good morning, Sir. I didn’t know you were trying your hand at comedy these days.”

That got a laugh from him as he took my outstretched hand in a shake, “You did good, son. Even though you hate it, your appearance in that magazine is just another acknowledgement of your success and you deserve the accolades, you worked hard for it.”

“I’d rather they acknowledge the foundation and the work in helping digitalize government schools.”

“They did mention it in that article.”

“In two lines,” I scoffed and smiled at the server who I nodded at the question of my usual. “That will barely get the attention of international organizations who’d like to support the project.”

My father rolled his eyes, “You can be such a spoilsport. You were featured in an internationally acclaimed magazine! Be thankful for this one, keep working at it and someone will notice soon, eh?”

I sigh and nod, feeling bad that I’d almost spoilt our fun meeting. “How’s mom?”

My dad leaned back with a satisfied smile while lifting his cup of coffee to his lips, brows raised as he sipped, “I left her sleeping at home,” he grinned at me with a twinkle in his eyes.

It took a while for his meaning to sink in and when it did, I frowned while struggling with a smile, “Eww, dad, TMI!”

“I didn’t say anything,” he chuckled at my mock disgust, happy with himself. This half news and my reactions have become kind of a tradition since when I’d caught my dad seducing my mom in our sitting room as a teen.

My parents love each other and I’ve always wanted what they have, except, I haven’t been lucky, not when I’m this wealthy; con artists were my bane. Mmeyene, my ex, was one, who took her time – over two years, to lay the perfect con. She’d almost succeeded when Chris stumbled on the plot; she’d confessed and then claimed she’d fallen in love with me in the process of the job.

Bullshit! I couldn’t bear to believe someone who’d falsely accuse Billy’s fiancée, decimating the long term relationship; that’s a story for another day.

I’d almost married that girl. I’ve never been able to fuck aimlessly, I’ve only had relationships, except the episode of my first time which happened with the maid, a story for another time, but, I don’t cheat, I have one lady at a time.

“Speaking of wives, you got a girl? Your mother doesn’t care if she’s foreign, she just wants you to have a companion, seeing as you aren’t a flirt.”

“Dear God, you guys discuss my sex life now?” I shake my head and sip my coffee, loving the bitter taste, “How bored are you?”

“We’re your parents and worry for you. You’ve been alone for too long,” my dad fixed his gaze on me.

I looked down into the dark coffee, “I could’ve have had several ladies in France and no one would know about it,” I mumble.

My father scoffs, chuckling, “We know you son.”

And without thinking it through, only wanting to prove that I wasn’t so pathetic, I opened my mouth, “I met someone yesterday.”

“Really?” I heard the excitement in his voice as he leaned close, I still don’t lookup.

I can’t, my memory is trying to gather the little I’d seen of her, still not knowing her face. “Well, I can’t say we met. I saw her from a distance and then I went after her and ended up getting in a squabble, so, I never met her I’ve not seen her face but I would know her anywhere.”

My dad leaned back, “Huh. That sounds pretty movie romantic. Is that where you got the lip bruise?”

I shrugged, I’d hoped he’d not notice the bruise, “I don’t know, repeating it makes it kind of stupid. Chris said she was bad news.”

“What does Chris know?”

I sigh recalling having read somewhere that sons mostly tilted to women that resemble their moms and daughters their dads. I don’t know how true that is, but, Nameti has my mom’s figure. “She kind of looks like mom – she’s chubby.”

“Okay, is that good or bad?” I can hear the frown in his tone.

I shrug again, “I don’t know what to think, I’ve never gone after a lady like that. I paid fifty thousand last night to be taken to her.”

My father burst into laughter and I growled, finally lifting my head because I wanted to gulp my coffee in embarrassment but just like last night, it was the perfect moment. It was as though speaking about her had made her materialize.

She stood at the second entrance of the glass cafe, seeming indecisive. My cup hangs halfway to my opened mouth as I take in her short, white hair first, hanging in a puffed bob around her face. Then my gaze dropped to that flawless skin, down the white top over fitting jeans that hugged her glorious ass to perfection. I’d know that figure anywhere.

Her head bent backward as she blew out air through perfectly pursed lips like she was exasperated with herself. When her head came down, she turned and moved away from the cafe towards the mall’s exit. I’m staring at her like an idiot until it dawned on me that she was leaving.



I don’t answer my dad as I lurched from my seat, rushing to the door and out of it.


She’d been strolling, seeming satisfied to window shop, but when she heard her name, she turned with a frown, her eyes widened when she saw me racing over, then she turned and quickened her steps, refusing to acknowledge the next three shouts of her name.

It would have been funny if I wasn’t trying to catch up with her. It still was funny, she looked like a damn cartoon character brisk walking away from me. But I catch up easily, holding her arm and grinning at her.

“Hey, why are you running?”

“Wouldn’t you when a crazy person is on your tail, screaming your name to everyone in the joint?” she whispered this vehemently while her widened eyes swiped around the mall as though checking if people watched us.

They did.

But I didn’t care about that. The electricity going through my arm from the point where my hand circled her arm, is what I cared about. The awareness was so overwhelming and increasing by the second as my gaze devoured her face.

“You’re so beautiful,” I gushed, following all her movements – her wide-eye blink, the flutter of her delicate looking fingers, her slightly opened pink lips, the rise and fall of her full breasts as she panted, everything.

“What?!” her voice sounded distressed; I wonder why?

“Son, that’s no way to treat a lady, I thought I taught you better,” next I know, my dad is there, peeling my grasping fingers off her and pulling her away from me. What the fuck?

My dad gives me a widened eye look before I realised I was behaving like a damn animal, shit. But he better takes his hands off her or I’m telling mom! Juvenile, I know, but she’s mine, I saw her first. And as though he heard my thoughts, he dropped his hands and shifted to face her confused expression.

“I’m so sorry, I…” and no words came from my mouth when she turned that hazel gaze on me. Sweet Lord, my throat feels filled with cotton, I can’t breathe.

“Forgive this heathen, he’s my son. My name is Jasper Ben and he’s Utomobong.”

When she turned her gaze away from me it felt like she’d taken the sun away from life. She smiled at my dad, “My cousin’s name is Jasper too.”

“That’s nice, I hope he’s a good guy.”

“I can’t say he is,” she chuckled, seeming more relaxed in my dad’s presence.

“How could he, when he goes about spiking people’s drinks willy-nilly and punching them for good measure?”

It was a mumble, but when I look up from using my tongue to feel the bruise on the corner of my lower lip, they had their gazes on me, hers narrowed.

“That was you last night?”

I swallowed and nodded.

“I’m sorry, my cousin is mostly an ass, it’s to be expected. But spiking your drink was going too far.”

Can you imagine the angels singing in my head right now? The volume is on max! She’s talking to me, looking at me, apologizing! Nerves all over my body are tingling and it feels like I’d elevate from the ground any second now.

“Right,” my dad’s voice and his hand on my shoulder, brought me back to earth. “I’ll tell your mom you said hi,” his eyes twinkled with amusement as he looked from Nami to me knowingly – yep, I’m calling her Nami.

“Uh…” I have no idea why I’m this speechless but thank God for my dad covering up my lapses.

“I enjoyed meeting you, Nameti. You have such a lovely name. And if my son isn’t good enough,” he reduced his voice, leaning close to Nami, “You can always call me,” he winked at her; he fucking winked at her.

My mouth dropped, “You’re married,” I blurted and turned to Nami who smiled adoringly at him, “He’s married,” I reiterated, indeed feeling like a teenager who was about losing his favourite toy to a bully.

They chuckled together as though they’d known each other for more than the few minutes we’ve been standing here.

“Okay, Mr. Ben, I hear you,” she grinned, watching him until he walked out of the mall exit.

Again, my throat constricted when she turned her gaze on me, “I hear you wanted to meet me,” she bites her lower lip as her gaze traipsed down my body; dear Lord, help me not to get hard.

I nodded, my breath hitching.

“Tell you what, let me take you for drinks and apologise for my cousin’s bad behaviour, hmm?” she moved close and her fingers lightly brushed my abs.

Fuck! Now my dick has joined the constriction party.

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Book Recommendation.

A Brief Review.

Hey ChuBBies!

How’s your location? Is the lockdown still stiff or has it been lifted?

Whatever your reply, there’s a bit of uncertainty on the human race in this time, not just about life but the choice of books to read too.

Good news, there’s help with some good books to read, one of them being Amaka Azie’s The Judge’s Secret.

The romance novel is also a legal drama for those that love court drama. This beautifully written story is between a Judge and her one night stand secret who happens to be the first counsel to appear at her court on the first day at her new job.

She’s left living in apprehension wondering if he would recognize her and when he did, what would he think of her having discovered that one night with him had happened when she’d still been married.

It turns out there’s more the judge isn’t saying. Read more in the Judge’s Secret.

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Take advantage of this price cut to read about a judge with something to hide and the only man who knows all about it.⁣
Will he destroy the life she’s created for herself or will he make her his?⁣

Once again Amaka kept me spellbound ,awake all night reading this and finally asleep with a smile on my face…”NnennaMoneke (OkadaBooks reviewer)⁣



Enjoy, lovelies.😘

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Something was obscuring my view.

It took a while to realise that I was plastered on the windowpane and frosting it with my breath.

I immediately wiped it and stood, as though that would make me see better. My actions must have piqued the curiosity of my friends. They left their seats and huddled at the window, craning their necks to find what I was looking at.

“What are we looking at?”

“Yeah,” Billy added.

“You guys want me to have a woman for tonight, right?” my heart tangoed when she struck an alluring pose.

Chris was first to withdraw and stare at me with a frown.

“Well, that’s the general plan,” Billy nodded.

“And you would pay a million naira to achieve this goal?” I levelled my gaze on Chris and he grinned. Both my friends were wealthy in their own right; and no, I do not support such a waste of money, but he started it.

“I would, but, you’re acting out of character right now.”

I was, but then, my thumping heart pointed to life like never before. “Then I want her,” I turned and pointed to where she should’ve been.

My eyes widened when I couldn’t find her, my huge palms flattened on the glass pane as my head went right, left, right, my eyes scanning below. My breath hitched when I found her leg in lemon pants, climbing into the back of a car I couldn’t immediately decipher.

“Fuck, she’s leaving!” I shouted and bolted from our table, pushing people out of the way as I rushed to the exit. I might have scattered some tables in my wake, but I couldn’t stop and apologise, a first, since I was pretty polite – my parents wouldn’t want it any other way. “Billy!” I shouted over my shoulder.

“I’ve got it!” he shouted back. Did I tell you I have the best friends? Yeah well, I do…sometimes.

I can hear Chris huffing behind me as I fly down the stairs, my mind eye flashing the image of that absolute feminine body, light skin, and white hair. I couldn’t see her face from high up, but she’s got to be the only one with that figure in this whole state and she’s mine.

“But, Uty, if she left already, why are we rushing down? Are we planning to pursue the car? Do we even know the car?”

I ignore his huffed questions and crossed the busy road to the untarred path where another car, a van, still waited and guys were packing heavy-duty camera equipment that I recognize. They’d either been doing a huge photoshoot or an expensive music video.

“Hey, man,” I greeted with a smile I barely use, and I wasn’t even winded from my run.

“Hey,” the guy that had been taking shots of my woman replied hesitantly. I recognised his redshirt in the sea of blacks.

He took a step back and eyed me as though I’d threatened him; yeah, I got that a lot from my size. It was also why I endeavoured to speak softly, though, not right now – there was something at stake here.

“I uh…my name is Utomobong Ben,” the guy looked at my stretched hand suspiciously.

“Dude, I’ll give you ten K, if you can tell us how to get the beautiful chick.”

“Daniella?” he grinned knowingly.

“Is that her name? The one wearing lemon…”

“The one wearing lemon? With white, short hair?” he seemed confused, “Are you sure?”

I nodded with my grin, my heart glad that I’d not missed her, “Yes, that’s her.”

“Wait first, why do you sound that way, my man; what’s wrong with her?” Chris asked, having gotten back his breath.

“Err…apart from being humongous, she doesn’t care about men, everybody knows this,” he scoffed as though she was less for being full-figured and stayed from men.

What the fuck?!

I feel Chris’s open palm on my chest before I realised that I’d moved and my hands were fisted, I’d have pummelled the nameless guy to a pulp for saying such shit about my woman.

“My man, first of all, it’s impolite to call a woman humongous,” my heart rate reduced when he had the decency to look contrite. “And when you say she doesn’t care about men, does that mean she cares about women?” my heart stuttered at Chris’s question, oh God, no, I silently pleaded.

The guy frowned, “Eh…” obviously not understanding Chris.

“Is she gay?” I supplied, hating that we were standing here while the distance between me and my destiny widened.

His frown deepened, “Gay, wait, I thought that was homo, she’s a woman o!” he turned for a second to direct his boys how to stow the camera stand in the already brimming van.

I and Chris exchanged shocked looks and that’s when Billy joined us.

“My man, gay is for both man and woman were dey like the same team,” Chris explained.

“Ah-ah, I didn’t know o. I feel say woman own na lele?” he asked in pidgin English.

“Gay na both of them at once.”

“Ah,” the guy, this clueless fuck, now turned to his colleague while we waited, “Hmm, Hezekiah, you been know say man wey like man, plus woman wey like woman, all of them be gay together?”

“Na lie. Na man be gay na,” Hezekiah refuted with authority and my palm covered my face; how the fuck did we get here.

“This brother say no be so o.”

“Eh, make we ask Sampson, him go know. Sampson!” Hezekiah called out to some other guy who’d just loaded the last equipment into the van and had gone to urinate in the nearby bush.

“Wetin happen?” he asked curiously, looking from one colleague to the other.

“Wow, all we need now is drinks, and we have a party,” Billy muttered from the side of his mouth to me and I sighed again, my hope failing.

“This brother talk say who…”

And the explanations and refutes began all over. “Chris, do something, bring the conversation back to where we went off trail,” I pleaded in a whisper.

Chris cleared his throat, getting their squabbling attention, “My man, I asked you something now?”

The guy instead busts into laughter, the rest of his crew joining in, “So, I’m glad you enjoyed our drama.” Fuck, they were messing with us. “Now, I have your attention. Nameti isn’t gay, she just doesn’t like guys and I’ve not seen a guy that has liked her enough like your friend here, to pursue her. But, if that’s the case, ten K isn’t enough.”

“What?” it’s Chris’s turn to be angry but I’m not, she’s worth any amount to be seen.

“Bros, no shout o, na just twenty k e go cost you, I need to settle my colleagues were come follow argue the gay matter,” he grinned, his friends laughing.

“And the driver,” Hezekiah chipped in and they all agreed.

“Do you think we are…”

“Fifty thousand naira and you take me to her right now, before I pay you,” I offered, cutting off Chris’ rant.

“Uty!” Billy exclaimed and Chris looked like he wanted to slap me.

“They want to dupe us,” he emphasized.

“I know; she’s worth it,” I replied without taking my eyes off the squabbling group in front of us.

“Eh, oga, you’ll give us ten now, when we go reach Nameti house, you enter inside, you go pay the remaining,” Hezekiah, who offered this deal, didn’t look confident doing it.

I shake my head and pulled out cash from my back pocket, “Let’s go,” I growled, not thinking they could try to outsmart us. I know it’s possible, I just don’t want to think it into existence.

But, that’s like an effort in futility because Chris is bringing up scenario upon scenario how they would dupe me tonight as we marched to my 2017 Infiniti Qx80 SUV. Yeah, I love big cars, mostly for function, it comfortably fits my height and bulk.

“Shut the fuck up, Chris. You should remember, you asked me to get a woman.”

“So, must you be so extra? We were with women at Triple X, my friend!”

“It appears you are not tired of treating STDs and complaining of stolen monies and properties each time you take these skanks home.”

“Wow,” was what Billy said in the silence that followed.


The camera crew didn’t dupe us by the way and guilt tightened my throat as we followed the white van. And, nerves could also be part of the throat tightening.

I turned into a well kept and wide one storey condo, painted all in white. If she lived here, then this space fit her – Nameti; her name meant ‘Do good’. We were already compatible with names, mine, Utomobong, meant ‘God’s work’.

A grin threatens to make an appearance but I curbed it and instead turned to Chris beside me, “I’m sorry, man. I don’t even know why I said that.”

“We see how you’d be with us if you get this woman.”

“Speak for yourself, man,” Billy murmured from the backseat.

 “Perhaps, she’s not a good idea. You’re generally calm but you almost hit that guy when he called her humongous.”

Recalling that got me breathing deeply through my nose and aiming to calm myself. “Is my apology accepted?”

“Do I have a choice? I need to see where this night leads,” he grumbled and climbed out of my car when the redshirt guy approached.

“Is there a party?” Billy asked when we met in the middle of the driveway.

“There’s always a party.”

“Good,” I say, thinking it would be a relaxed atmosphere to meet her.

“The neighbours will not think so,” Billy observed. I followed his gaze and most houses on the street looked family owned, it was the estate after all. My dad had wanted me to buy a house here, I did, but ended up building mine and renting out the bought.

We followed the guy into the indeed large home, the all-white paint made it look spacious, although, not at the moment with the bodies gyrating to the music.

“Now, this is a party,” Chris commented with a nod, already shaking his body and eyeing the chick close to the door.

My skin prickled and I look up in time to find her climbing a stair. I didn’t still see her face but she’s fucking gorgeous, that body – shit, I had to swallow and breathe through my mouth to calm my instant arousal. And just by that stair, there’s an enlarged photograph of her, it’s a back shot, still, no face, though I know it’s her, I would never forget her body and that hair.

“Are you alright, man?” Billy’s eyes held concern; I’d even forgotten he was there.

Him talking to me helped, I nodded, glad that the jerk in my pants subsided, “Yeah, thanks.”

“Your guy is over there,” he nodded towards a corner that seemed like VIP but was just the only space in that house that had seats. The redshirt guy was bent at the waist talking into another guy’s ears.

I watched him until the person he was talking to stood. He was tall, but hey, I’m taller than most. He had some bulge, but, yeah, I beat him to that too. Except, this guy’s arrogance was so strong I could feel it from across the room.

He stood like a sentinel, sizing me up and must have satisfied himself before he nodded and the redshirt guy began finding his way back to us.

“I feel like I’m in a fucking drug movie,” Billy said, seeming worried. “Where the hell is Chris?”

I don’t answer him, I just pull out the forty thousand naira balance and hand it to the guy when he gets to me. “Go over, he’ll help you see her.”

My nod is curt, “Thanks, man,” I say, already sliding through the crowd to the sentinel waiting for me, while my heart danced eagerly.

“Hey, man, I’m Utomobong,” I stretched my hand and shockingly, he shook it and of course, we do the hand squeezing thing; guys do this shit all the time when they’re seizing a potential competitor up. I would squeeze more but I don’t want to, I need something from him and I’m even glad he shook my hand instead of eyeing it like dirt – well, he seems the kind of person.

“Jasper,” another shock; perhaps, this wouldn’t be as difficult as I envisaged.

“This is my friend, Billy, my other friend, Chris, has already joined your party,” he nodded while shaking Billy’s hand, still no smile though. “Umm, you have a nice home,” I complimented, really meaning it even though I didn’t know how to broach my aim.

Jasper scoffed, “TT tells me you want to see Nameti.”

That was unexpectedly direct. I breathed out and nodded, curbing the pressing need to shove my hands into my pocket and rock on my heels.

“Why?” he asked and folded his arms over his chest.

“Uh…” I have to swallow hard and look him in the eye, “I like her and would want to be her friend.”

“What kind of friend?” his eyebrow raised.

Fuck, is this the inquisition; was he her father? My discomfort got me chuckling, “Uh…”

“You think my question is funny?” he raised his voice and looked affronted which meant his crew, which were formally seated, stood, all with frowns.

“Uh, Uty, I think this is where we back off. This chick seems to be the golden calf around here,” Billy leaned in to mutter.

I shook my head, both at Jasper’s question and Billy’s suggestion – no. “No, man, your question isn’t funny.”

“Then why did your friend call my client a cow?”

What the fuck? I didn’t even think he’d heard that; I mean, it’s loud in here. Billy is shaking his head beside me. I could’ve told Jasper that calf didn’t necessarily mean the young of a cow, it was what the young of large animals were generally called, for example, whale, elephant, etc. Jesus, that would only escalate this situation, so no – bad plan.

“He didn’t mean it like that,” I lifted both my palms at chest level, trying to calm the situation, but if push came to fight, those palms were already in a position to fuck people up Tae Kwon Do style.

“How the fuck did he mean it?” a chorus of yes erupted behind him, meanwhile, the party continued, with no one bothering about the brewing fight.

“Look, man, I really like Nameti and just wanted to meet her,” I can see Billy’s hand flying on his phone; who the fuck was he texting?

Jasper spat on the floor, “I don’t care…”

“Hold up guys, what’s going on here?” oh, God. Shit, Billy must have been texting Chris.

“Who the fuck is this guy?” Jasper’s looked angrier, even though he stepped back when Chris flew in front of me.

“This is…”

“The name’s Chris. And I want to know why you’re all confrontational with my celebrity friend here. Do you know who he is?”

God, please don’t let him say it.

“He’s the fifth most eligible bachelor in Africa on Vogue Magazine’s list!”

Jesus Christ! I think I hate my friend.

image from Instagram : @na0_

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